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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

Here's what our patients are saying:

"The attention to detail is amazing, I can't think of anything more they could do to make it any more comfortable than it was! Going to Eaves Family Dental is like going to see friends and getting your teeth cleaned or other procedures done is just a bonus!" Sue M. (2/20/2016)

"I would like to extend my thank you to the Eaves Family Dentistry. After 4 years, my teeth are finally restored. When I first saw the estimate 4 years ago, I thought this would never become a reality. Dr. Ed has caused me no pain and his work is awesome. The staff is totally professional and friendly. I also appreciate you working within my budget. I know I have told you this before, but it bears repeating. Eaves Dentistry is by far the best dentist I have ever had."
--Judy B. (1/20/2016)

"I have been very pleased in every way over the 15 years of care you've given me. Full, easy-to-understand explanations have always been provided. Short- & long-term needs are made clear & appointments are set up to accommodate my schedule and wallet. I appreciate that my favorite RDH, Jean is able to continue to work with me as I see Dr. Marilyn. Jean has kept me on the straight and narrow with my maintenence care & she and Dr. Marilyn have been super at keeping my teeth in very nice condition. I'll be continuing with Eaves Dental, that's for sure!" 

"I am really very positively impressed with the entire staff I've interacted with. Very friendly, very professional." Carol R. (12/18/15)

"This was my first visit to dentist Dr. Eaves. I needed to have a root canal. I want all to know that I was truly pleased with the entire process. Dr. Eaves was the best dentist I have ever been to. He was a superb artist working with his hands and tools and was very gentle and I felt he made the entire procedure as easy as a walk in the park." Marilyn K. (10/26/15)

"Dear Dr. Eaves, Jenny, & Staff: I wanted to thank you so much for the prompt, friendly, emergency care of my daughter while we were vacationing from Virginia. Your receptionist, Jenny, was so understanding and accomodating considering that we were out of state non-patients! My husband brought our daugher in and they both said the whole office was lovely. My daughter has been on vacation with a friend and told me that her mouth hasn't felt this good in a long time." Annie R. (8/5/15)

"Dear Dr. Eaves: When I saw you last, I was feeing hopeless. When I left your office, I went to Wegman's for groceries. It was the first time weeks that I went out without the blue mask. That evening I had my first solid food in 7 weeks, as well. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to me and coming up with a solution, ASAP. I also want to thank you for the courtesy visit. You are the gentlemen of dentists." Michele F. (8/9/15)

"Dear Jessi: I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am very, very happy with my treatment and service. First off, I haven't been to the dentist for an actual appointment and cleaning in probably ten years and Jessica Pallar talked me into going to the dentist. I was embarrassed and ashamed of my teeth and my smile. So much that I didn't even smile in my wedding pictures. I was so nervous about going in for my cleaning and consultation. I got there and everyone was friendly. Jess made me feel completely comfortable and not judged at all. I was expecting the worst. It didn't hurt and she was gentle and friendly. Then I had the pleasure of meeting Doctor Cate. She was nice and didn't make me feel bad about how bad my teeth were. Then, Jess helped me figure out a treatment plan. I scheduled an appointment for my first visit for work and I was so nervous about my visit and if it would hurt. They were so friendly and understanding! I finished my appointment and they revealed my teeth to me. I cried!! They were so beautiful, I cried! At my last appointment, they did one more cavity in the front and I has my teeth polished. I am beyond happy with my service in all ways! I felt like you should know that the team that I have worked with is amazing in every aspect! Thank you and have a wonderful day!" - Amber H.(4/24/15)

"Dr. Cate and Team: I am sending you this gift card for Pizza Hut as a Thank You for the free/fast follow up/response visit I had on 5/7. I think and hope we finally found the problem. Please enjoy and know that all of you have earned my respect as the most educated, experienced, well polished, and professional dental facility that I have visited so far." -Michael R. (5/2015)

"Thank you so much for all of my dental work. I am so happy that you fixed my teeth problems. Such fine work!!!" - Carolyn G. (12/23/14)

"Thank you for your continued excellent work and service. I was greeted promptly and cordially, and was brought back by the technician at the time of my appointment. She first discussed the plan for the appointment, and then asked the pertinent questions about problems, health changes and medications, after which the appointment continued as planned. She was very friendly, personable and professional; her touch was very gentle. She described what she saw as the appointment continued, after which the dentist came in promptly and reviewed the findings with a thorough examine. A return appointment was promptly made. The payment person was cordial and professional as well, describing the items on the bill which also contained the next appointment date and time. I like that the appointment confirmations/verifications are electronic." -Anonymous (10/8/13)

"This was my first visit to the office and my experience exceeded my expectations. They were friendly, competent, caring and thorough. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for dental care where they care about you as a person." -Deborah R. (9/11/13)

“I am so happy that I chose Eaves Family Dental Group for my family. The staff is so nice, the office is comfortable and inviting, and they are great with my young son! I had to have a bit of work done and the dentist explained every step as he went and both he and his assistant continually made sure I was comfortable. I definitely recommend them!!” -Dorothy S. (9/11/13)

“I am very pleased with the level of dental care and professionalism at Eaves. So much that I am arranging all my appointments here versus at my long established dentist in Houston.” -Dion J. (9/9/13)

“Erin did a great job cleaning my teeth and when I inquired about teeth whitening she explained many different plans. She actually took the time to make impressions of my teeth for a bleaching tray that day and said they would be ready the next day. She's amazing. I thought I would have to schedule a separate appointment for that.” -Dawn B. (9/6/13)

“The entire staff was very friendly and helpful. This is the kind of place new patients like myself are looking for.” -Magnolia W. (8/23/13)

“Between Dr. Ed and Audrey, they have both alleviated my apprehension of dentist visits. I am actually excited to complete the recommended procedures because I know I am in great hands. If there is a way to make every other dentist office in existence like Eaves Dental, then that would be my recommendation.” -Chris A. (9/15/13)

“I have not had a great experience with previous dentists. Eaves Dental exceeded my expectations from the front desk to the treatment room. I was treated with respect and kindness. Dr. Wallace was caring and thorough with his exam and explanations. I would recommend Eaves Dental to everyone!” -Erica (7/13/13)

“I switched our family to Eaves Family Dental about 5 years ago because our old dentist was feeling a little outdated and I knew I had some cosmetic work that I eventually needed done. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of the work they do, the state of the art facilities, knowledge of the latest technologies and the professionalism and efficiency that they run their office with. I called them with an emergency when a front tooth that I had damaged years ago broke above my gum line. Within a few hours they had me in the chair, Dr. Ed explained multiple options of what he could do, I decided to go with an implant. He did the work the following morning (took about an hour) and sent me home that day with a temporary tooth mounted on the implant post. Typically this procedure entails having a removable tooth for about 8 weeks until a porcelain tooth can be permanently installed but he determined that he could mount a temporary while the tissue healed and the permanent tooth was made. He installed the temporary on the implant post which saved me about 2 months of hassle dealing with a removable tooth. Today it is impossible to tell which of my 2 front teeth is the original and which one is porcelain.  I can't say enough about all the doctors and staff, would highly recommend them to anyone. They are definitely not just another dental office!” -Dan S. (4/19/13)

“I recently had an immediate need for care that was scheduled quickly and professionally. The staff, dental assistants and the dentist handled my situation with great care and phenomenal attention to detail. Their concern and care was welcoming experience. Their concern for my comfort makes a visit to this practice a fulfilling.” -Willie T. (3/18/13)

“Eaves Dental is different. Whenever I go for an appointment, I am not left waiting in the reception area. They get me in sometimes earlier than my appointment! The staff is very pleasant and the hygienists are some of the best I have ever had a chance to meet.” –Richard (2/25/13)

“When I started coming here, I hadn't been to a dentist in about 10 years. If you're in a similar situation, don't keep waiting. The customer service is absolutely fantastic. They explain everything thoroughly and will lead you through treatments at your pace. They take terrific care of me and I look forward to my visits – really!” -Denise H. (2/12/13)

"I want to let you know how happy I am that I made the change to Eaves Dental Group.  I knew I needed a few crowns.  I am a price shopper. The dentist in Canandaigua I called (who incidentally used to work for you) was much higher, the chain dental group was lower and Eaves were the same price as the Rushville clinic. I tried the chain dentistry and never again. What pain and a terrible experience. I thought why go to the clinic when I can get the best for the same price. Eaves works around my schedule with evening appointments for fillings as well as cleanings. Every time in my 50 years of going to the dentist, when I got the Novocain, my eyes would water. This is the first time that has not happened with Dr. Ed. He does not numb my mouth before giving the shot, but honestly, I don't feel it. Your equipment is state of the art and everything is thoroughly explained to me. I can honestly say I am really happy to smile now with my new front teeth. So many pictures show discolored and chipped front teeth in the past. Yesterday was a totally stressful day and I was dreading going to the dentist on top of it.  Truly, I relaxed (have you ever heard of that) and it was over in a flash. Yesterday, I learned that my husband's dentures would be the same price as what he paid at Strong and the clinic. He has never had a good fit from either place. He said this summer, when time allows, he will make an appointment with Dr. Ed and hopefully get a pair he is happy with. Just a few thoughts and I want you to know, I made the right decision to change to Eaves Dentistry." -Judy B. (1/30/13)

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